15 Dec 2022    European Project QSNP granted

QSNP (Quantum Secure Network Partnership) aims at creating a sustainable European ecosystem in quantum cryptography and communication. It federates 40 partners that include world-leading academic groups, research and technology organizations, spin-offs and major cybersecurity and telecom operators industry players. It will start in March 2023, for a duration of 3.5 years.

02 Dec 2022    The Inria Saclay Centre supports the creation of the project-team QURIOSITY

Télécom Paris quantum team (formerly IQA) is becoming the joint Inria-IP Paris team QURIOSITY.

18 Oct 2022    PhD Defense - Raphaël Aymeric

Congratulations to Raphaël Aymeric who successfully defended his PhD thesis Convergence of quantum and classical communications.

15 Jul 2022    New permanent member - Cambyse Rouzé

We’re delighted to announce that Cambyse Rouzé will be joining our group on an Inria Starting Faculty Position (ISFP) in September 2023.

01 Jul 2022    Kick-off of the QCommTesbed project

Part of the PEPR Quantique, this integrated project gathers Sorbonne Univ., Univ. of Nice, Univ. Paris Cité, Télécom Paris, and CEA. It aims to provide France with a nationally coordinated testbed, and to serve as an accelerator of technologies developed from the stage of a laboratory system to the commercial products.