Current members

Romain Alléaume
Associate Professor

Romain Alléaume graduated from ENS Ulm in 2002 and from Télécom Paris in 2004. He completed his PhD, from Paris VI University in 2004 and was co-recipient of “magazine La Recherche” scientific prize. He then joined Telecom Paris and coordinated the activity on QKD performed within the European FP6 project SECOQC. Romain Alléaume co-founded the start-up company SeQureNet that developed, and successfully commercialized the first continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) system in 2013. He is leading a research activity on quantum communications, in particular quantum key distribution (QKD) as well as on cross-disciplinary topics linking quantum information with cryptography, photonics and security.

Filippo Miatto
Visiting Associate Professor

Filippo is currently working at Xanadu (Toronto) and is a Visiting Associate Professor at Telecom Paris. Filippo studied theoretical physics at the University of Padova (Italy) and at the university of Leiden (The Netherlands). In 2012 he received a PhD in quantum nonlinear optics from the university of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Then he worked with Robert W. Boyd at the University of Ottawa and with Norbert Lütkenhaus at the Institute for Quantum Computing, on quantum photonics and quantum repeaters. In 2017 he joined Télécom Paris. Filippo is interested in quantum communications, quantum information and quantum machine learning. He enjoys teaching and learning how to teach better. His hobbies are to play chess and piano (not at the same time).

Francesco Mazzoncini
PhD student

I graduated in theoretical physics at the University of Pisa in 2019. I joined the IQA group in 2019 and I am currently working on Quantum Communication Complexity, Cryptography and Multimode Quantum Optics, under the joint supervision of Romain Alléaume and Sylvain Gigan at ENS Paris. I did my Master thesis at Scuola Normale Superiore on Quantum Batteries, more specifically on optimal methods for charging Quantum Batteries in finite time. Besides physics, I also love playing tennis and I am passionate about photography. I am still figuring out how my camera works, but I am really enjoying it.

Nilesh Vyas
PhD student

I am working on Hybrid Quantum Cryptography which aims to construct new key distribution protocols that provide everlasting security and performance better than QKD in terms of tolerance to the high level of noise and channel loss. I am an early-stage researcher inside the ITN project QCALL. My PhD supervisor is Romain Alléaume. I am a badminton and cricket enthusiastic, classical music lover and apprentice in cooking (vegetarian) food.

Raphaël Aymeric
PhD student

My research focuses on CV-QKD systems and their integration within traditionnel coherent communication systems. My PhD is co-supervised by Romain Alléaume and Yves Jaouen. Outside work I am a sports/esports fan. I practice judo and play League of Legends. Just recently I also got into climbing.

Yuan Yao
PhD student

I’m a second-year Ph.D. student in the IQA group. My supervisor is Filippo Miatto. My interest is on quantum devices and parametrised quantum circuits.

Guillaume Ricard
Master student

Guillaume is a M2 student from the Master Dispositif Quantiques. He is currently working on quantum coherent communications and digital processing, under the co-supervision of Romain Alléaume and Yves Jaouen.

Alex Vigneron
Master student

Alex is a PhD Track student of IP Paris, working on Quantum Machine Learning under the supervision of Filippo Miatto.

Past members

Ravi received the PhD degree in Optical Science and Engineering at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM, USA), where his dissertation work involved theoretical & experimental studies on passive mode-locking dynamics in quantum dot lasers. Following postdoctoral work at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA, USA), he was a recipient of the 2014 ”Research in Paris” postdoctoral award for research on quantum dot laser dynamics at Telecom Paris (Paris, France). He is currently continuing research at Telecom Paris with the Quantum Information and Applications Group. His research interests involve understanding and harnessing ultrafast, quantum and nonlinear optical phenomena to aid the development of photonic quantum technologies.

Martin Cordier
PhD student

Martin’s info

Hamza Jnane

My principal interest lies in the development of new methods in the field of quantum simulation. More specifically, I am interested in the quantum simulation of chemistry with the long-term objective of helping the drug design process. We are not there yet, but there are a lot of exciting challenges to overcome before achieving such a goal.