Quantum Communications



Course Goals


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how fundamental principles of quantum physics are useful to guarantee the security of communications. Such “unconditional security” is not based on the limitations of the computation power of the spy but how does it depend on the measurement devices? What are the links with classical optical communications?
  • Know how to characterize practically an entangled photon pair source and a quantum key distribution system.
  • Know the state of the art in quantum communications.

Indicative program

There are 8 weekly lectures in total, each lecture is 3h long (with a 15m break). Every lecture will be on a thursday, from 13:30 to 16:45

Basic tools of quantum information
Entangled photons generation using nonlinear optics and labworks on the violation of Bell inequalities Teleportation, entanglement swapping, quantum cryptography Classical and qunatum information theory and device independent security. Error correction codes and quantum repeater


  • Recorded oral presentation on a paper chosen from a list proposed by the instructors
  • Multiple choice question test
  • Labwork report

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